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Why Miracles Still Happen Today

Somewhere deep inside all of us, we know that God is real. But finding evidence of God's existence can seem difficult. There is no reason God shouldn't interact with us, so where are the miraculous acts of God? Are miracles real? Did the miracles in the Bible really happen? Do miracles still happen today? Or maybe miracles still happening today and we just don't know how to find them. We're going to explore from a biblical point of view why miracles still happen today. Jesus Wants Miracles Today Jesus became famous for the miracles he did. Not even the powerful works of Moses and Elijah could could compare. Jesus spent three years training his  disciples  to do miracles as well: “He called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases. And He sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to perform healing.” Jesus told his disciples to “make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all that I have

The origin of sexism: Adam and Eve

God created the world with a beautiful balance between men and women. So why are people today fighting for equality? We must go way back to the first man and woman to find the origin of sexism. In the first chapters of Genesis, we read how God’s good creation went wrong pretty early on when the serpent showed up in the Garden of Eden to throw everything into disorder. Scripture said the serpent was the most crafty creature, so it certainly picked the weaker target with care, which is why it went after the woman. The serpent tempted the woman to eat fruit in disobedience to her creator. Over the years, women have gotten a lot of flack for being the first to sin, but scripture says that man was right next to her. Rather than stopping her from eating the fruit, he threw his authority away and listened to his wife, eating the fruit also. (Tip for husbands: next time your wife is nagging you, just tell her the first time a man listened to his wife was the downfall of the human race..

Is God Sexist?

While western society pretty much agrees that sexism is bad, the views among those who believe in God are much more diverse. Some churches teach that women should sit on their own side of the room, veil their faces, and not utter a word. Meanwhile, other groups have women running the church and overseeing the men. So is God sexist? Or does he want equality between men and women? Or does God want something else entirely? People can seemingly find excerpts from the Bible in support of any of these views. But the Bible is actually very clear about how men and women should relate to each other. In this blog series , we will examine the most frequently quoted passages in context and see how they fit together beautifully to give us a complete understanding of what God desires for men and women today. Equality in God’s creation Let’s start right at the beginning of the Bible -- and the world. In Genesis, we find two accounts of creation. The first one tells the story of the creation

Gender Roles in Christianity

Oxford University had a problem: men were consistently testing higher than women in science and math. So they tried to help the women out by lowering their standards and allowed students extra test time to close the gender gap. No, it's not fake news, this is a real story . In our world, equality between genders is required at all costs. But sometimes it seems like Christianity missed the memo. Are gender roles in Christianity important today? Slackening test standards at Oxford is the politically correct thing to do. But it reportedly didn’t help close the gender gap -- men are still outperforming women in the science and math departments. And it demonstrates everything wrong with the social ideals of our world. I’m sure there are plenty of departments where women excel, but instead of focusing on those departments, Oxford is focusing on where women fall short. So is the problem with women’s abilities, or Oxford’s priorities? Their solution was to fight for so-called “equalit

End Times Hysteria

I’ve pretty much just been blogging against mainstream Christianity, and I’m still getting new subscribers somehow, so I guess we’ll just keep going and see what happens! I grew up in the midst of the Y2K scare, the dot-com bubble bust, the terrorist attacks on September 11, and of course, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins’ Left Behind book series that fed off of the scary times. The books were entertaining, but I never fully bought into all the theological hype that the end times are going to come with the sudden disappearance of all believers without their clothes, massive world wars, a one world government, alien-like demon creatures, and computer chip implants that will condemn everyone to hell. Just doesn't seem like something God would do -- call me crazy. Maybe it was the idea that Old Testament prophecies read like the world is ending too. I’m sure anyone living through the fulfillment of those prophecies felt like their world was ending, but looking back at it today i
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