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Examples of Godly Women in the Bible

This is the final post I have planned in this blog series on men and women in ministry. We've explored almost all of the passages in the Bible that reveal what a godly relationship between men and women looks like. But there are a few passages relevant to this topic that we have yet to explore. These final passages contain amazing examples of godly women in the Bible.  The passages we've explored thus far in the Bible reveal how God created the world with men and women unique and different, but equal in value. The problems with inequality began with the sin of Adam and Eve, and feminism is caused by the same underlying flaws. God redeemed society through Jesus , not by restoring equality, but teaching men and women to make each other greater than the other. The overreaching example of this is women humbly submitting to men, and men sacrificially loving women. The result is men and women having different roles in the church , family, and society . But in these

Roles of Men and Women in Church

In the previous post , we started looking at New Testament passages about the roles of men and women in the church. Paul's letter to the Corinthians first discusses headcoverings. But there is another passage in this same letter about the roles of men and women in the church.  Roles of men and women in church in Corinth To understand Paul's words in context, I’ll summarize what Paul already wrote in the letter: he emphasized the importance of unity in the Assembly; he encouraged single women not to marry; he gave instructions on how women are to pray and prophecy in the Assembly; he ordered that everyone be allowed to worship at the Lord's table; he said that despite different spiritual gifts, every person is vital to the Assembly; he said the weaker members of the Assembly are necessary and are to receive more honor; he emphasized the importance of love; and he said that only two or three should speak at once so that all members of the Assembly have the chance to p
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