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Simplifying Gospel Terminology

As the 2020 Presidential elections quickly approach, the US political war is intensifying. Sometimes, I consider my wife lucky that she's not a US citizen and can't vote. But then again, she's got her own political hands full with UK politics bringing an election even faster as Brexit hangs in the balance. These political issues give everyone something to debate, complain about, and place hope in. While terminology like healthcare, taxes, economy, military, and morality take center stage for many people, these are small things compared to the political unrest that is going on in many other parts of the world. These issues are truly important. All of your worldly problems at some point probably come down to politics! Why can't the other side just stop being so selfish?! Well, I have good news... I have the solution! And not just your problems, but the problems of the whole world. Yes, I am literally talking about world peace. The solution I'm talking about is the
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