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Foundation of the Good News

There are certain times in the life of a Christian when one is expected to give his testimony: before baptism, at summer camp, applying to go on a mission trip, attending a new Bible study. This was a task I dreaded. My testimony was about as mundane as you could imagine. “I grew up in the church. I don’t remember a particular time I came to faith, I think it’s been more of a gradual process over my lifetime. I got baptized when I was about 13 because it seemed like it was time. I’m so happy Jesus saved me from my sin.” Nope, that’s not not going to make the pastor happy. He wants to hear the moment you came to faith, when you realized you had to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior for yourself. He wants to hear when you officially got born again. I would think, “Please, not that born again term. How did this conversation become so political?” Sometimes, I would pretend to be happy that I was fortunate enough to live a relatively holy life, enjoying salvation from a yo
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