About Me

I'm Nathan Taylor, welcome to my blog! 

Two years ago, God pulled me out of the institutional church and a full-time job in Hollywood, putting me on a journey of repentance and giving me a focus on advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. Writing the posts in this blog is one of the ways God is teaching me, and I hope others might benefit from it also. I'm passionate about sharing God's real power and encouraging organic fellowship as the core of Christian Assembly.

I'm newly married to my beautiful wife, Emily. We've been moving every few months, and currently reside in Los Angeles, California. I work as an Associate TV Director, I'm a search and rescue volunteer, and I enjoy flying planes. I also dabble in photography and have taken all the photographs you see in my posts.

If you would like to fellowship, have questions about Jesus, would like to get baptized or receive the Holy Spirit, or need deliverance or healing, please get in touch.
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