Here are other blogs and resources that I recommend. If you'd like to suggest a page to add here, please send me a message.
This is a  movement and network of Jesus Disciples around the world started by Torben S√łndergaard. This movement has inspired much of what you read here.

This is Torben's video series with some of the most poignant and solid teaching I've ever heard. It's changed my life and the lives of many others who have watched it as well.

Jonathan is well educated and presents a lot of great thoughts in his blog and books. I don't agree with everything he says, but I admire his ideas that present a way of looking at things that is thought provoking and different from the mainstream.

The Bible Project Blog
This group makes fascinating videos about the Bible that add context and help put the whole book in perspective.

Richard Jacobson's Blog
Richard is a talented illustrator who uses his gift to make insightful YouTube videos that have a lot of truth about the church and where it's going.

John Elderedge's Blog
John wrote Wild at Heart, one of my favorite books.
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